December 19, 2014

Quick And Easy Home Remedies For Migraines

Quick And Easy Home Remedies For Migraines

Every day, millions of people worldwide suffer from the pain caused by migraines. It is the most common neurological disorders experienced by different people from all walks of life. Although it is common, still, there is no known cure for this disorder. But with the help of some home remedies for migraines available today, you can experience effective and immediate relief from such headache. These conventional home remedies normally focus on trigger avoidance and symptom control. When migraine strikes all of a sudden, what most people usually do is that they try these home remedies to alleviate symptoms quickly.

Understanding The Nature Of Migraine

Quick And Easy Home Remedies For MigrainesMigraine is referred to an intense headache on one or both sides of the head that often radiates from the eye. It is sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light. It may occur at any age but it is most common between the ages 10 years old and 40 years old. According to most statistics, 75% of all migraine sufferers are women.

Some people who have migraine headaches can go on with their normal everyday activities but for some also, simple activities are too much too handle because all you can think about is how bad your head hurts.

Generally, there are two traditional ways on handling migraines. These are the following:

• Prophylaxis Migraines – The first traditional way of handling migraines is through prevention. It usually involves eliminating migraine trigger markers and taking medications to avoid blood arteries inflammation.

• Abortive Treatments – Headache pain are the main target of abortive treatments because it is the most common indication of migraines. Pills that contain acetaminophen may be taken to relieve headaches.

List Of Different Home Remedies For Migraines

Here are the lists of some of the most common and widely used home remedies for migraine attacks. Although this may not cure your migraine permanently, at least, it can help you alleviate from the headache pains caused by migraine.

Quick And Easy Home Remedies For MigrainesScalp Massage

Massaging your scalp can be an effective way to alleviate migraine pain. Researchers showed that massaging the area at the base of the skull and also the back of the head reduces migraine pain. Apply a gentle, circular stroke to the affected areas to relieve the pain.

Wet Towel

This is one of the most effective home remedies for migraines. You need to squeeze first the excess liquid from the wet towel before putting it in the freezer for about 5-7 minutes. When the towel is cold enough already, you can lay it over the top of your head and over your eyes. It will surely bring immediate relief, especially the area around your eyes.

Quick And Easy Home Remedies For MigrainesHot Tea

Migraines tense your body. That’s why drinking hot tea when you feel that migraine is coming is another great home remedy because it makes your body relax. Mint tea or chamomile tea works wonders, and it is best if you will add some honey for best results.

Hot Shower

This home remedy for migraines has been used by most people for quick relief from headache pain. Taking a hot shower and letting the hot water penetrate into your neck is another best way to alleviate the pain. The more the hot water penetrated into your neck, the more pressure will be relieved.

Quick And Easy Home Remedies For MigrainesAromatherapy

This is also one of the most effective home remedies for migraines. Aromatherapy does not only treat migraine headaches, it also brings soothing effects to those individual suffering from the migraine attack. The process can be done by simple letting the affected individual to breathe in soothing and relaxing aromas. Lavender and peppermint are the most popular oils used in aromatherapy for migraines. By applying oils to the affected areas, you are also promoting blood circulation to that part. The gentle rubbing movements of the fingers create heat, which can also help relief pain.